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What can Tae Kwon-Do do to boost your mood, strength and confidence?

Updated: Mar 28

How can Tae Kwon-Do help boost self-confidence?

No matter whether you try to ignore it or are aware, the world can be a dangerous place and bad things do happen, as much as the good in this world tries to prevent bad things from happening. Learning Tae Kwon-Do allows you to read situations in real life and react confidently and appropriately to avoid unfortunate outcomes. Alongside this performing in competitions and grading in front of many people, some of them extremely important within the sport is sure to help that self-confidence of yours. It gives you real-life skills, for example having the confidence to stand up to that co-worker that is giving you a hard time or pitching your ideas to your managers or your company’s board, now or in the future.

Everyone knows that participating in a sport or simply doing exercise boosts endorphins which are essential for the human brain. But what about your mood?

Serotonin is released in the brain as a mood stabiliser, Serotonin has an endless list of benefits from improving self-confidence, and behaviour to living longer!

What we are trying to say is that it’s the chemical that your body craves!

How does Tae Kwon-Do contribute to the production of Serotonin?

Well… Serotonin among others is produced when you exercise, get sunlight, and remember memories that make you happy. With Tae Kwon-Do you can do all of that, you can practise patterns outside in the sun, join us outside for demonstrations like the Oakley fare and come to training for plenty of hard work.

Practising hard and smashing your grading out of the park is guaranteed to boost serotonin levels when you look back at that later in life. Do you remember when you finally broke the board, then you remember more and spiral into all the great experiences you have had with the club. This is sure to make you feel good and put your mind at ease when life is getting you stressed.

“Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your soul”-Meagan D. Parker

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