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Conquer Mental Health

Mental health is something that is becoming well known and understood in society and human life, but still posses a fuzzy existence.

If you are struggling with mental health you are not alone, 1 in 4 people will have a mental health problem each year in the UK. Your Tae Kwon-Do instructor is always here to listen and help unravel your worries or bad thoughts. Please do not hesitate to talk.

It is important to understand in the famous words of Dr Daniel G. Amen ‘You are not stuck with the brain you have’. You can heal and/or lessen your mental health problems with simple life changes.

In society we believe that we just have anxiety or depression and we just seem to live with these problems, we don’t do anything further to help ourselves overcome the problems we experience. I recommend listening to Dr Daniel G. Amen, who is the inspiration for this blog. He provides a new strategy to overcoming and healing the brain from mental health issues.

In his recent book Change your Brain Change your Life Amen explains how ‘simple breathing techniques and supplements can help inner turmoil’ in relation to Anxiety. He also teaches methods to kill ‘ANTs’ (automated negative thoughts) and also use ‘supplements targeted to your brain type’ in relation to Depression. All these are backed up by brain scans that show accurate evidence to support his findings.

I recommend this book because it provides another way of trying to manage and prevent mental health problems. No human should deal with mental health problems, but people must try all methods to deal and sooth the effects.

Regular exercise is integral to keeping a healthy mind.

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