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Is failure just an opportunity?

Failure is what makes or breaks us as humans.

Question: It is normalised to fear failure but should we really be that worried about it?

Failures are stepping stones to our ultimate goal, it is simply not human to not make mistakes when reaching for success.

Question: So why are we so worried about it?

We work so hard to impress ourselves but we want to impress others too, maybe your parents or partners have high expectations or you are worried your friends might give you a hard time if you fail. Why does it matter what other people think? The only person that it should matter to is you, it is your success and your failures, your ambition your hard work, and no one else’s. Just forget what people expect of you and rather think what do I expect from myself?

Question: What to do when you fail?

It is devastating when you work tirelessly towards a goal such as a grading or a competition and you don’t reach that success you wanted.

It can really break us and it makes us feel demoralised, it depletes the hope you once had to reach that success. But you should never be lulled by this failure because you always have a chance at redeeming yourself, and reaching for that success once again!

Pick yourself up rub off the dirt and get back into training, get to work again because you can do it! It’s important to never forget about the times you fail because these are important in order to work and improve on your weaknesses, but don’t get too hasty work on your strengths too there is always room for improvement. Remind yourself why you want this success, why you take the steps into the grading, why you put in this work for this success, remember this and tell yourself every day.

Do you remember the Tae Kwon-Do tenets? Use your indomitable spirit, you will never succumb to defeat because you are going to reach that success! You are not frightened of that second chance because you believe you can do it, you know you can do it.

To have this mindset gives you great Mental strength, a prime example is Marcus Rashford and he reminds us that he is mentally strong each time he scores and gets that desired success he craves through his mental strength and indomitable spirit.

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