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Oakley Sports Weekend a success for the club!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Nicole taking punches from a new recruit

On Sunday 28th April over 7 students were on hand to help kids and adults who wanted to try Tae Kwon-Do out. The Oakley Community Association had a weekend where people could try sports like archery, orienteering, running, rugby and many more. It was a slow start but in about 10 mins we had all students busy with kids and adults trying out kicks, punches and basic sparring, all in a safe a risk free environment.

Martyn found a microphone and was quickly announcing the free session outside to everyone.

It was so busy we had queues, and at 4pm when it was all over we had to stop people :)

Lets hope they had enough fun that they want to start.

It was such a great success that the organisers have asked if the club will do a demo outside in the Oakley fayre which is attended by thousands on 10th August. then we can show sparring, patterns, line work and destruction!

A BIG thanks must go to all who helped (Basingstoke and Andover) as this wouldn't have been successful. They really showed their skills and were really enthusiastic.

Thanks guys!

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