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New Year’s resolution Blog

Nearly everyone sets a New Year’s resolution to start the year fresh and reach a desired goal. Maybe this is to exercise more, or eat less chocolate, or even spend less time on your phone 📱 Although everyone is determined to stick to their resolution when set, most people do not reach their goals. 43% of people fail by mid-February, so this new years blog is focused on motivation and commitment! 💪🏼These resolutions usually fail due to lack of motivation, lack of time and lack of energy. Therefore you must sit and consider, is your resolution realistic, no? Time to set some SMART goals 🎯

Specific 🔎- Do you have a clear goal, pick a goal and make it ‘specific’. This could be learning all your patterns and or techniques, even theory ! Pick one and make it ‘specific’.

Measurable 📏- How are you going to measure your goal? Are you more flexible, can you stretch more than when you set the goal? Are you looking for more muscle to improve on power and destruction. Can you break with both hands? Is your stamina better and how do you measure the improvements?

Achievable 🏆- Are your goals achievable? Are you likely to achieve all of them? Focus on what is achievable and reasonable in the short term, and use these goals to progress to your impossible target!

If you wanted to be able to complete a high section kick, it may not be possible immediately, so setting small goals of stretching, jumping and accuracy will help you to get to the desired goal.

Relevant🥋- Is your goal relevant to what you really want to achieve, and where you want to achieve it? For example is your goal going to help you get better, and or progress in Tae Kwon-Do. If you are unsure your Instructor is there to help!

Timing⏱️- Set your goal and include a deadline or end date. This won’t only help you work harder but also stay committed and motivated. Keep an eye on the time and complete a part of your goals everyday even if it’s 5 minutes! You will see progress and you will see improvement after all you are your biggest critic 🥇

Little and often is the best way to stay motivated and focused. Make the goal fun and enjoyable, watch a video while training or reward yourself after completing it. Find ways to stay motivated at home because your Instructor will keep you motivated in lessons and is there to track your progress 👍🏻

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