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Local grading is a success!

Last Sunday children and adults from our club took part in a test we call a grading. This took place in Andover at Master Gellard's Tae Kwon-Do venue. The grading examiner was Grand Master Michael Dew who started our area in 1975. During the grading students had to show their technique, focus, power and accuracy with line work, jumping and spinning kicks, difficult blocks, strikes and patterns.

Sparring is a form of combat and they had to show how to defend themselves and attack their opponents in free form and set combinations.

Sweat was spilt that day and everyone worked really hard.

Grand Master Dew was impressed and i am pleased to say all our students passed. It was an honour to see Tristan receive his 4th Degree Black Belt Certificate from Grand Master Dew.

Well done everyone, you should be proud and pleased with the hard work you (and your parents who support you) have put in over the last 3 months!

4th Dan Black Belt - an amazing achievement

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