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If you can master self control, you can master anything

Self-control or Guk Gi in Korean is an integral part of life and one of the key tenets in Tae Kwon-do. Why do you learn Tae kwon-do? Is it to learn how to defend yourself? To stand up to a bully? Or is it for fitness?

Whatever you do self-control is an important skill to have, it helps you to approach situations with a level head to reach constructive solutions to problems you or a friend/peer come across. It is important to know when learning Tae Kwon-do that the learning does not leave the Dojang, to have the self-control to not resort to violence because you have training in this field is important. Where we teach how to defend yourselves in training does not mean that you or others want to resort to violence when facing confrontation. Control your impulses and emotions when in these scenarios.

Along with controlling impulses keeping a clear mind is important too. When sparring don’t let your emotions take over you. We have all felt that ‘hot rush’ of adrenaline when we get angry or emotional. When we let our emotions get the better of us, we make irrational decisions, and it results in actions out of the norm that create nothing but regrets. Focus on the end goal and the consequences. In Tae Kwon-do terms staying composed will help perform to the best of your ability, there is always a way out of failure and as previously mentioned in the perseverance blog keep going at your objective and with the right mind you will achieve it. Not having self-control will only make your process longer and harder for you.

Not just in Tae Kwon-do but in life self-control is important to achieving objectives. Control your desires when engaging in a hard task or objective, make sure your mind is set on the completion of the goal. If you want to lose weight, think of your objectives before you eat that slice of cake in the cupboard. How will eating this impact you? Could you eat half now and the rest tomorrow? Self-control is important. But this is only an example, one that I have experienced myself. Self-control comes into play in all scenarios and is something as humans we must control to live a happy, healthy life.

Look at the big picture,


Be rational,

Remember your objectives or wants and needs.

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