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Cubs join in to mix things up

Lockdown has taught people many things, but its been hard for lots of groups trying to keep children interested. A few weeks ago i received a call from my local Cub leader (Akela) who wanted to give the Cubs something different. Of course i jumped at the chance to help the scouts. I was a cub, scout, venture, leader and i wanted to give something back.

The 3 sessions were for 20 mins, but i couldn't help over-running. The children did punches, kicks, jumping 90 then 360 degrees, jumping kicks, and learned how to block.

They were really focused and enjoyed themselves. Even some leaders joined in :)

I was really pleased to hear that some of the cubs attained a their new badges.

So if you want to have as much fun as the cubs did why not give Tae Kwon-Do a go. You wont regret it.

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