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Tae Kwon-Do on the Costello curriculum for a day

The start of the new year heralded a featured Tae Kwon-Do session for Costello pupils in the main hall. Martyn Green (4th Dan Basingstoke Instructor) was invited to run 2 sessions with Year 9 students during the school day. The session was brilliantly organised by the school. Each student arrived in their PE kit ready, willing and looking sharp. Mr Green started by explaining what Tae Kwon-Do is and why he started. The students were very attentive.

It wasn't long before they were all lined up and starting some basics, punching, kicking and shouting in korean 1-4. Pad work came next and each line ran forwards to kick and punch. Sweat was soon in abundance and everyone was having fun with smiles on their faces.

In fact Mr Green taught 4 children how to do a 360 degree jumping reverse side kick.... and guess what.............they all did it. That was amazing!

At the end of the session students tried some self-defence techniques in pairs. Control and was important which Mr Green made a point of stressing.

Overall it was great fun and this physical exercise was what they needed, to make them think the world doesn't revolve around the Xbox, PS4 or Tick Tok :).

Students told teachers it was 'sick' which meant something totally different when i was at school, but i was assured it was good feedback.

So I would like to say a BIG thank you to the school and teachers. It shows how good teaching is at Costello when students are this patient, attentive and polite.

I hope that some of these talented students have a go at Tae Kwon-Do. It really will change their lives by making them more confident, building social skills and self esteem.

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