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Politeness costs nothing and gains everything - Be Courteous

Courtesy or in Korean Hangul 여의 (ye-wee) is to show politeness and a good attitude to your fellow peers when in or out of the Dojang. It is important to have courtesy when in Tae kwon-do to show your instructor you are committed to the art and sets a good example to your peers and friends. Not only this but showing acts of courtesy when given advice or guidance shows that you are appreciative of their help. A simple please and thank you goes a long way when showing your gratitude. These acts of courtesy will make your friend or peer feel more inclined to help you again. When in public think about courtesy, hold a door open for a stranger, compliment a friend on how they look and try to be positive when faced with rude confrontation because

Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.”.

So when you have been given guidance by your instructor or parent / guardian or you have been given your drink by the barista at your favourite coffee shop, think about courtesy and be appreciative by saying thank you.

A great example of being courteous can be compared to the actor Keanu Reeves and his random acts of kindness. Keanu consistently gives money to charity including children’s hospitals, he also looks after his fellow co-workers when on the job, gifting them various items to show his gratitude.

I guess you can say “consider this a professional courtesy”.

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