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Look to the future with one eye on the past

I remember many years ago hearing this phrase, it comes from the Greek god Janus which the month of January was named after. So what does this mean? It has many uses, in life it could be about learning from our mistakes and remembering the traditions and principles that our whole culture is based upon.

In Tae Kwon-Do terms I think it is important to have traditional values. Learning from the hundreds or thousands of years where the origins of Tae Kwon-Do started. It means remembering and being grateful for the sacrifices the early practitioners made and more recently the TAGB, to lay a strong foundation for future opportunity.

In our club we have a strong history but I am even more excited about our future. We have a good standard of Tae Kwon-Do, good senior grades and have aspiring young students, who have the opportunity and foundation to do anything they put their minds to.

During the last couple of years our club has grown, due to enthusiasm, passion and amazing support from friends and parents. With Christmas approaching and the need to have fun and celebrate our achievements, now is the time to double down and work harder than ever!

I have a great feeling that next year is going to be our best for a long time, no mater what stands in our way we are proven we can overcome adversity.

I was chosen to be your instructor and I am forever grateful. Lets look forward to even better things, but lets not forget our clubs history which will guide us to success.


5th Degree Black Belt Instructor

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