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Do you have an Indomitable Spirit?

Indomitable spirit is widely considered as perhaps Tae Kwon-Do’s most important tenet. It can be best described as a mixture of perseverance and self-control. Indomitable spirit is to never give up in the face of defeat or when the task becomes too hard.

I like to compare this tenet to breaking the board when in gradings or in class. We can all agree that sometimes we struggle to break the board when we hit it in the wrong place or with the wrong force it doesn’t break, affecting everyone negatively. In the face of this obstacle, you must get up and try again, even if you fail get up once more. With a positive mental attitude and the right technique, you will break it I assure you.

The film 'run fat boy run' showed this perfectly. The main character was running a marathon to prove himself and he got to the point where he had 'Hit the Wall' a term used when you can propel yourself no further. It look spirit to move him forward, He took his time and eventually broke free and succeeded.

Trying not to be too political, another great example of Indomitable spirit is the strength shown by the Ukrainian people. Against all odds, the citizens keep trying to defend for their rights within their country. No matter how outnumbered they are the Ukrainians keep fighting for their rights and culture and their tireless efforts really show.

Its not just in Ukraine but in the middle east. In the past Korea fought against the Chinese and Japanese aggression but endured. Basingstoke TAGB sends our thoughts to the innocent people suffering within these countries and calls for these wars to end.

“There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs”-D.N.Eisenhower.

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