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Were are back to normal lets build our club.....again

The Coronavirus pandemic has been tough for many people, people have lost loved ones, businesses and much more. Many of my fellow instructors have struggled keeping clubs open. Life is a struggle, but if you stay positive, keep trying your best and never give up you will never fail. Success is a mindset and positivity is a habit.

This is the message i want to share with everyone, not only my colleagues and students. We are not out of the woods yet and there will be challenges, but that wont stop us now. We have grown and moved forward. I guess for Major Choi starting a new martial art, it must have seemed daunting. There were people ready to shoot him down and he stood tall. Our Organisation the TAGB started in 1983 with an idea to grow Tae Kwon-Do in the UK for all, and that's exactly what they did, improving thousands of people's lives forever.

Everyone starts somewhere.

If you are thinking of making that first step into a training hall you will be welcomed by some of the best instructors and students. In Basingstoke we have always warmly welcomed new students and those who wished to return. We are more of a family.

So i would like to encourage you to step forward, because now is the best time in many years. People are reinvigorated and renewed. It's a fresh start for everyone, young and old.

I was asked by a friend, Master Stephen Lamberth to pop down to his club at the opening of a new training hall (DoJang). It was a great event and had a celebrity on hand to try Tae Kwon-Do out. Mr Craig Revel-Horwood gave his time to support the club. He was a gentleman. I couldn't help but think as i tried to look good in front of Craig (during a stretch), how amazing this was. We are still emerging from a horrible catastrophe and this instructor was opening a new venue! Now that's confidence in TKD, our area and such a supportive act to keep his students engaged, enthused and positive. Out of the ashes as they say...

Well done sir.

So let's all be encouraged by this opportunistic 'ray of light' and If your motivation is to get rid of that Corona-stone, make new friends or to take part in competitions, don't 'pass' this time. You can do it, you can excel and make a promise to yourself which you can keep.

Now is the time, we are ready to support you.

If Craig Revel-Horwood can do it, you know you will be Fab-u-Lous darling :).

See you in class, I am excited to see what you can do.


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Sep 05, 2020

Thank you for your kind words. It is fantastic that we all keep trying our best to keep things as normal as we can. Being a beacon of light to people, leading by example and trying to always have your glass half full is so much better than half empty. Any activity which provides us with inspiration is such a good thing. Get out there and give Tae Kwon Do a try... It really is a passion and a tool for life. You won't regret giving it a trial and who knows where it might lead... A black Belt would be cool right!?

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