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Lockdown 3 - the last one?

Well this was a surprise. I didn't expect to be in a 3rd lockdown.

So what do you do when faced with more adversity, knuckle down and get on with it.

This is exactly what our amazing students have done. We have jumped back on Zoom and done more than ever to make it more fun, more diverse and more considered. Last week we did a 7 club online training session run by Master Guy Southard 6th Dan who is instructor of Bude, Okehampton and Plymouth. All under one roof called BOP.

Over the next few weeks we are planning more guest instructors, notably Master Stephen Lamberth 6th Dan and some of our internal instructors and senior grades too. I am also planning to send out certificates to juniors who have kept motivated and trained online.

The good news is that there is an end in sight this time.

Students who have continued to train not only improved their tenets especially perseverance, but are fitter and are more likely to grade and grow in ability. BUT don't be downhearted or don't think its too late to train. Noting could be further from the truth. Now is the BEST time to re-join and start afresh.

Our club is very much like a family from the adults to the juniors and all the parents / grand parents. Everyone is so supportive and determined not to be beaten.

It is better to walk a thousand miles than to read a thousand books. This is very apt at this moment. We all need to grind this out and keep going.

To be good at anything you need to work at it.

This old proverb made me think.

"It just needs hard work to grind an iron rod into a needle"

Now push hard and be the needle guys!

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