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Tristan and George pass gruelling test

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Its been years in the making with lots of hard training sessions but it was all worth it on Friday 12th April for Tristan Evans and George Boyland.

Following a tough black belt pre grade in March it was time for the real test. Tristan Evans from Basingstoke and George Boyland from Andover arrived in the TAGB headquarters to begin the hardest test of their Tae Kwon-Do careers. George was going for his 5th Degree Black Belt and Tristan his 4th Degree. The day started off well and they both did well with destruction and theory.

As Basingstoke instructor i was allowed to watch the grading and had taken my seat in the hall. The second degree black belts were up and being put through their paces.

It wasn't long before Tristan was up and the line work was really punishing, reverse kicks, head height axe kicks and jumping techniques. Then came the patterns with literally hundreds of moves to remember flawlessly. It was the same for George but fewer grades going for that last grade.

Sparring followed and after changing partners multiple times it was all over - finally the relief was visible. They had done their best and now it was a waiting game.

I called the academy and was delighted to hear Tristan had passed. George had to wait a little longer.

It was a momentous achievement. Between them over 30 years of training got them through it.

Time to relax now as this was George's last grading. Tristan, you have 5 years, see you at training :). Congratulations!

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