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160 Year 7 students get a Tae Kwon-Do lesson

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

In August I was asked to run a Tae Kwon-Do lesson for some year 7 students at The Costello School. We train there every Monday 6-7 junior and 7:15-8:15 adults.

I thought I would ask a friend to help. Master Stephen Lamberth 6th Degree Black Belt who runs clubs near Ringwood at the Slamazone.

Over 2 Wednesdays we covered self defence techniques, punching, kicking and talked about being safe and avoiding conflict.

The teachers were excellent and joined in for some of the activities.

Teaching children TKD at an early age improves their concentration, discipline and social skills. It might also help them ward off unwanted attackers, or allow them to see a dangerous situation and avoid it.

So why not come down to try Tae Kwon-Do out. Bring your child along or join the new adult students and get fit and have fun.

We would love to see you.


5th Degree Black Belt instructor

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