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Tae Kwon-Do 65 years and beyond

Updated: May 12, 2020

In a world that I remember where people can click to buy what they want.

Where time with family is short while we are glued to devices.

Game consoles make us less sociable, more irritable and affect concentration.

People start to forget manners, discipline and confidence is measured by likes and followers.

Tae Kwon-Do was an antidote to this malaise and was snapped up by strong parents and adults looking to better themselves and earn respect.

Our organisation the TAGB grew in numbers and dedicated, talented instructors opened clubs around the country.

Our Leaders supported, encouraged and set examples while our students strived to pass grueling tests of skill and dexterity.

Then along came a virus which stopped us in our tracks...

We couldn’t mix, we couldn’t teach and overnight lost our livelihoods and direction.

The world was stunned and we had to stay in doors.

Children couldn’t go to school, everyone was scared and we had to adapt quickly.

From a enclosed singular and isolated environment, our instructors needed to step up.

Like an army fighting against an invisible foe, we put our heads down and made things happen.

Instructors redesigned their teaching plans and turned their living rooms, bedrooms and garages into Do Jang's.

These talented, resourceful army of TAGB experts rewrote lesson plans, set up Facebook LIVE sessions and Zoom meetings.

They opened up the possibility of 1-2-1 teaching, whats app video sharing, You Tube resources and joined each others sessions online, to learn and perfect their art on a computer or tablet so thousands could still train, improve and have a goal at this dark time.

Its 65 years since Tae Kwon-Do was formed and along with the 5 tenets of the art come Motivation, Encouragement, Adaptability, Loyalty and Humbleness.

I have witnessed all these new tenets and more in the last few weeks, especially in my area, the South West

So now is the time of opportunity and renewal. Its time to accept business as ‘unusual’ and learn from this experience.

We are the TAGB and as such our organisation is in the best position to support us grow our clubs, improve our standards and embrace these new 21st century technologies to supplement our teaching.

I feel confident that this massive change in our lives has made us better, stronger and closer than ever.

Major General Choi Hong Hi would be proud of our determination, positivity and spirit.

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