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GM Dew - 50 years celebration championships

I was honoured to attend the southern championships to celebrate the massive achievement of our area examiner, and South West Tae Kwon-Do area founder Grand Master Dew 9th Degree. The whole committee was there and we started off really quickly. Lots of students worked hard to get gold, silver and bronze medals. The officials were top class and there was a big smile on peoples faces. Each students regardless of whether they received a medal or not took home a once in a lifetime certificate. This certificate was held back as a secret and GM Dew was unaware.

Late morning Master Andrew Tombling called a halt to proceedings and talked graciously and professionally about GM Dew.

Master Tombling mentioned the important history of how in 1969 GM Dew started training under Gen Choi Hong Hi (founder of Tae Kwon-Do) right man in Malaysia while serving with the RAF.

GM dew was presented with a cake with a black belt on it and a frame with all his club instructors names on it.

Of course working along side GM Dew is his Wife Patricia and she has been the mother of all of us. Without which GM Dew said this would not have been possible.

It was a great event and i am proud to have been there. The atmosphere was special and we hope GM Dew carries on for many many years to come.

Thank you sir.

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